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Group Leader

Hanting Yang

YANG Hanting, PhD

Dr Hanting Yang is currently a group leader at Fudan University.

Dr Yang received her PhD degree from the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2017; She completed her postdoc training at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology from 2018 to 2021, under the supervision of the Nobel laureates, Dr Venki Ramakrishnan. Dr Yang was an EMBO fellow funded by the European Molecular Biology Organisation. She was a Research Associate at Darwin College, University of Cambridge from 2019 to 2021.

Dr Yang joined ITBR of Fudan University as Principal Investigator and started her lab in November 2021. Dr Yang's group aims to understand how intracellular transport and organelle homeostasis contribute to neuronal health maintenance. Her representative work has been published in Nature, Science, etc.

​Principal Investigator

Current members

申许瑞 Xurui Shen

SHEN Xurui

Postdoc Fellow

(2022.09 - )

E-mail: xuruishen(AT)fudan.

Mechanism of intracellular homeostasis

张晋纶 Jinlun Zhang

ZHANG Jinlun

PhD Student

(2022.09 - )

E-mail: zhangjl22(AT)m.fudan.

Molecular basis of axonal transport

Directed protein evolution and design

钟彗文 Huiwen Zhong

ZHONG Huiwen

PhD Student

(2023.09 - )

E-mail: 23111520080(AT)m.fudan.

Mechanism of intracellular transport

Protein quality control & RQC

郭晓军 Xiaojun Guo

GUO Xiaojun

PhD Student,Zhongshan Hospital

(2022.09 - )

E-mail: xjguo20(AT)fudan.

Mechanism of the Hepatobiliary Carcinoma related intracellular transport

田紫含 Zihan Tian

​TIAN Zihan

Clinical Medicine Undergraduate  (2023.03 - )

E-mail: 20301050139(AT)fudan

Molecular mechanisms related to mitochondria and oxidative stress



Clinical Medicine 8-year program student

(2023.11 - )

E-mail: 21301050321(AT)m.fudan

Neurological disorders-related protein quality control



Clinical Medicine 8-year program student

(2024.03 - )

E-mail: -

Molecular mechanism of intracellular trafficking

Picture 1.png

XV Meina

Lab Manager  

(2023.01 - )

E-mail: xvmeinafudan(AT)

​Assist in managing the laboratory

孙培欣 Peixin Sun

SUN Peixin

PhD Student

(2022.09 - )

E-mail: 22211520040(AT)m.fudan.

Mechanisms of intracellular transport

Bioinformatics and Molecular Simulation​


WANG Shiliang

Master Student

(2023.09 - )

E-mail: 23211520036(AT)m.fudan.

ROS-related quality control

​Development of molecular tools

周彬彬 BInbin Zhou

ZHOU Binbin

PhD Student,Zhongshan Hospital

(2022.09 - )

E-mail: 894165647(AT)

Structural basis for proteostasis in neuronal inclusion disease


HE Rui

Clinical Medicine Undergraduate

(2023.06 - )

Email: 21301020032(AT)m.fudan.

Mitochondria-related quality control


WEI Yumeng

Basic Medical Undergraduates

(2024.03 - )

E-mail: 22301010020@m.fudan

Mechanism of intracellular transport

2022.06 -2023.10

2022.08 -2022.12

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