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Work Opportunity


Fudan University provides an excellent and collegial environment for students and postdocs and has trained many generations of leading scientists worldwide.

Postdoctoral Scientist

  1. Have recently obtained a doctorate degree or have obtained a doctorate degree for no more than two years;

  2. Have a background in biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology, neurobiology, etc., and have published first-author papers ;

  3. Experience in structural biology and cryo-electron microscopy is preferred;

  4. Responsible, with good teamwork spirit and work enthusiasm, able to assist the project leader to guide graduate students


Salary: Refer to Fudan University's post-doctorate regulations to provide generous salaries, and support outstanding individuals to apply for Fudan, Shanghai and the country's "super postdoctoral" program and various fund projects. Provide five social insurances and one housing fund, post-doctorate apartments and good software and hardware support.

Lab Manager (Research Assistant)

  1. Bachelor's degree or above in biology, medicine, or related majors;

  2. Be able to assist the research group in participating in the research work of the laboratory;

  3. Responsible, positive attitude, conscientious and practical, do not procrastinate, have team spirit, take the initiative and be good at communicating with people;

  4. Long-term stable workers are preferred.      

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Laboratory daily affairs management and ordering of instrument reagents and consumables;

  2. As a research assistant, to assist the laboratory in completing related scientific research work.

PhD candidate


Students are very welcome to join and pursue Ph.D.. For details, please refer to Answers to Postgraduate Admissions Questions of Fudan University . At the same time, we also welcome excellent joint training graduate students.


Our laboratory welcomes undergraduate students who are interested in scientific research to do their graduation design, which will lay the foundation for studying for a doctorate.


1) Recruitment and enrollment requirements on this page are updated in real time, and all positions displayed are open for recruitment.

2) The correspondence information will be kept strictly confidential. Those who pass the resume selection will be contacted within a week. Those whose resumes have not passed the screening will not be notified otherwise.

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